An e-commerce website provides a twenty-four seven online shop which allows your business to access much larger markets. A good online shop will transform your business and cost very little to run.

Online shopping should be engaging, secure and very easy to use.

At Internet Expert we will guide you through the whole process from the initial set-up, adding credit card facilities to the marketing of your website, making it easy for customers to find you online.


The first step of good web design is the structure of the website. This structure ensures that the site is simple to use, focused, generates traffic and has a clear call to action.  Search engine keywords are selected as part of this initial work and play a massive part in the ongoing performance of your website.

Internet Expert build your website as a live working tool, with the results of the website fed back in to generate higher levels of sales.


At Internet Expert we are able to design sites which customers find easy to use, which in turn creates more sales and higher conversion rates.


The text that makes up your website must be concise and accurate as it is incredibly important in making sure that you are seen and customers can find the information they are looking for quickly.

Example EPM Engineering Oil Website

Unlimited Products

All our websites have unlimited products so you can add as many as you like. The more the better from our prospective as this helps you attract more visitors and gets you more sales.

Easy to Edit

The websites we create are extremely easy to use and with an Internet Expert website you will be able to edit the content yourself. All technical abilities will be able to make changes to the site once it is created whether it is adding new products or updating prices and images.

Internet Expert content management system is uniquely simple to use being very similar to Microsoft Windows.  The One Click Edit™ system allows you to go to the page you want to edit, click "edit", make the changes, click "save" and your updated page is live!

Training and Support

Internet Expert not only create and build your online shop, we also provide a full programme of training and support. There will always be someone there to answer any questions.


Once you have your online shop people must be able to find it easily.

Internet Expert not only builds your site but will also markets your site for you. This is done in a variety of ways:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), getting your website and products to appear high search engines.
  • Pay per click advertising.
  • Analysing customer activity on your site to make improvements and increase conversions.

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